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Hi folks, how are you doing these days? We're heading for an absolute disaster and what do we get from the mainstream media? Propaganda of the highest order... Have we already touched the bottom? The insanity of calling present situation "recovery" and a "better future solution" is nothing more than propaganda. Nothing is going better, everything is much worse and it's going to be mucho mucher worse. We spent zillions of euros in the name of recovery and nothing is going better. Money does not appear to be the problem, so throwing more into a broken system is just adding fuel to the fire; from now on, we're going to see more and more of the same garbage that we already seen.

"Manufacturing consent" implies manipulating and shaping public opinion. It establishes conformity and acceptance to authority and social hierarchy. It seeks compliance to an established social order. "Manufacturing consent" describes the submission of public opinion to the mainstream media narrative, to its lies and fabrications.

The major global banks are all under-capitalised. Banks were borrowing so much and so recklessly to play at the global casino that when the bets went sour, they were staring at a black-hole in the €zillions. In fact the banks are all insolvent. There are zillions and zillions of "toxic waste" in the global banking system and We the People should trust governments and banks once again...

Economics has been a forest with entangling vines and strange flora and fauna, full of mathematical formulae, recondite theories, and a lot of plain old nonsense. How did we get into this mess? There’s the old story of greed. It has always been there. The “real economy” has been dying before our eyes as the world’s capacity to produce stupidity has overwhelmed our capacity to consume the stupidity - our life’s essentials food. We’ve raped Mother Earth so that an elite, global few could live aristocratic lives while the children of our world have scavenged garbage heaps for scraps of food.

The way in which we view education has a lot to do with our past, present and future. Tragically, the way our education system is engineered, it appears that we are doomed to be unsuccessful. There is no evidence that our individual intelligence has improved through recorded history. The system we have now was built on a fault line and it has become increasingly evident that the cracks are growing exponentially.

With our mindset build on false education, we are letting political agendas decide what is best for all of us. I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you: if banks win, we lose - plain and simple. Our so–called today's money is issued out of thin air without the backing of any material value. You should know that in one way or another, central bank is a private institution. What you need to know is that on a global level, by losing our monetary sovereignty - we are losing everything. If not here on Earth - then where? If not now - then when? If not you - then who? If all we do is produce, and if among a lot of waste that nobody needs we also produce all useful things that we need, and if We the People are the owners of all what we produce, then why We the People borrow our own money from the private banks in the form of worthless piece of paper created out of vacuum?


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History shows that modern-day schooling started with the Industrial Revolution, but many still refuse to accept that those who funded its inception did not have our education as their main priority. Men like Rothschild and Rockefeller wanted good obedient workers to take the jobs they needed filled. They didn’t want free-thinking students to reach their potential; they wanted a large dumbed-down class, just disciplined and smart enough to show up on time and work their factory jobs.

Our education system does not teach the way we learn, nor is it supposed to. Schools were conceived to serve the economy and the social order rather than kids and their families - that is why it is compulsory. This is a system set up for all the wrong reasons, and it is a system whose goals were set deep inside of ulterior motives. Schools are not the best places for us to gain knowledge.

We cannot expect our children to be free-thinking independent adults if they are kept under lock and key, fully controlled by rules, and forced to learn a conglomeratly mandated curriculum. It is an institutional and cold conditioning of the mind. Our schooling system is repetitive, memorization and test driven, and downright boring. It’s a place that resembles prison where very little of what is taught is learned, very little of what is learned is remembered, and very little of what is remembered is actually used.

The wrong people control our education system for the wrong reasons. The education system was deliberately designed to standardize people - keep them predictable and easy to control as a manageable population; in short - to produce slaves that are also good consumers. But the people have finally realized: who controls money controls what we learn - who controls money controls what we know - who controls money controls what we think - the purpose of school is to serve corporations and government.

In a time when our failed society desperately needs more innovators, we must do some things we did not learn in school: we must begin to trust our own abilities as human beings; speak up against what we know is wrong and challenge what we've been taught to believe is right; refuse to be good little worker bees.


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