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Energy efficient home, energy saving house or low energy home, are energetically efficient objects which enabling energy cost savings while contemporaneously contribute towards environmental sustainability. Cost savings, renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection - are all terms which we face often, almost everyday. The problem of the realization of energy efficient house is as always, money - especially now when the global economic crisis is eating us up. However, energy saving homes are a factor which we surely have to brush upon when considering the questions of a healthy lifestyle, self sustainable communities and transition towards a better tomorrow.

In an insane society, a normal man must behave like a lunatic - that's the concept which within the unlimited free space decorates the walls of the modern presence in which we have enclosed ourselves. It may be very useful, for the 100th time, to remind ourselves how stupid a man can become when his job depends on stupidity - article "Dictatorship of Ignorance and Lack of Knowledge" and the official request "Money and the Mental Hygiene" fits perfectly for that purpose. Crom Alternative Currency System and organization Jupiter Project, have, recently, join forces to a concrete cooperation in accomplishing mutual goals: "Ecovillage, Flea Market And Humanitarian Funds". Project "Humanitarian Funds" has just been realized, significant financial resources has become available to the activities for the general social benefits. Among other things, it's a great fundraising opportunity for the non-governmental organizations. It's easy to guess, due to some "unknown" reason, nobody from the mass-media world found it congruent to transmit that important information to the wider population.


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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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