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Do we use real or counterfeit money? What is public debt? Lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra explains bank seigniorage in nine different languages. Journalists, politicians, magistrates... none of them ever mentions this topic at all. Seigniorage is the crime of all crimes, the root of all evil. Its something that is much more difficult to believe than to understand because it's extremely simple thing. What happens is that central banks, for example Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank Of Italy - are not public institutions but private corporations. And what do they do? They print currency at the cost of the paper and ink, and then incredible they sell to the state this kind of money backed by absolutely nothing. State pays for it with special bills, which are treasury bills. And that is how, from this incredible little trick, this thing that is on everyone's lips and it's called public debt - comes into being. Italian lawyer also clarify to the wider public what is devaluation of money and talks about Bilderberg Group. Plane and simple - monetary sovereignty - this is what it's all about.
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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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