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"Video: Perpetual Debt - The Essence Of The Banking Industry" is a great form of education that shows precisely the true function of the banking industry and the very essence of banking - to create perpetual debt. "Video: Perpetual Debt - The Essence Of The Banking Industry" can help to make important step forward in changing our minds and our culture for the better. We're living in the world where debt pretends to be wealth and the bankers are the gateway to creating debt so they make money on every debt that is created. It all works until the debt cannot be serviced and then that debt wealth that was created by debt turns into just debt. That is why the US, EU and other governments of the world bailed out the banks, since if they had not then the bankers would have been exposed as insolvent. So the world taxpayers got saddled with the bankers debt and the banker win. They not only got their own debts paid off but also got new debtors who must now service that debt. Here's the transcript of video: