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Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions
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TOPIC: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions

Re: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 6 years, 7 months ago #2784

Assumption – The Story Of Partnership Between Miss Banken And Miss Regent

The most interesting thing about pretense that government is here for no other reason than just because humanity itself chosen so, and not otherwise - is of course an answer to the question where did that contagion come from in the first place?

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the public opinion and organized habits of the masses is an integral element of a democratic society who’s ethical and moral principles dictate that we all must cooperate with it. The origin of manipulation, that hidden social mechanism, is the invisible supreme power in the state. Our minds are molded, our tastes formed and our ideas suggested, men we've never heard of govern us as like string puppets".

The system function similarly to computer. Although the heart of computer does not impose activities directly on the subsystem, it dictates the general logic and operational map. By the system logic, innovative and creative bites are either prevented in the making or are adjusted to the primary concept. The structure of the system resembles the pyramid made of cards which can nicely be illustrated in a schematic manner by several floors that represent social classes leaning on each other in a way that at the top of the pyramid resides creators of logic that processes each individual input, rulers under them function as a keyboard, religious and political leaders below are programming languages, ​​further down the army and police works as antivirus, aristocracy beneath them is a variety of applications, the underlying bureaucracy serves as a secondary data storage, while at the very bottom of the pyramid, workforce provides energy for all.

Inside the fenced circle of the system, propaganda is the common name for all mechanisms that serve to distract the population from the fact that they are not free men but imprisoned. As long as the distraction is credible, its promotion results not only in usual work on this side of the law, but in work of the convicts on the other side of the law, too. The more figures at work get exhausted, the harder they achieve self-realization, so the more easier it is to increase the credibility of distractions from how unnatural life has become.

It is my comprehension that if their attention was not systematically deviated from it, people would soon start to assume the government for a company whose activity is reduced to producing worthless perceptions, something similar to betting houses in which 99% of all players regularly lose their money. Although trained to dogmatic blindness since childhood, the gaming clientele is however not obliged to undergo a betting paradigm. The point lies in the fact that for the deceived ones wake up in soberness of possibility to choose not to play at all corresponds to a quite a feat considering that the effort of quotidian gambling leaves to desperate people neither enough energy, nor enough time, nor enough financial means to devote attention to what's really happening to them and their families.

The way I comprehend the situation, the result of mass education is disciplining people into passive tools for production. Alexander Hamilton – economist, politician and a soldier, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, the first Secretary of the Treasury and a face on the ten dollar bill, called the "beasts" men who, such as they are - uneducated by conventional schooling that by obfuscating real key issues simulates the freedom of will and choice among the population - govern themselves. In reality, education is mostly about routinizing reactions to any given challenge into the choice of induced acceptable options only. Cooked, boiled, with mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard for example, soy sausages prepared on twenty different ways are all choices with which sea bass is obfuscate from a small child as a dining option. The child is unaware that the choice of any type of soy sausages as a lesser evil is not an expression of free will but a moronic fulfillment of imposed purpose.

In a slightly more sophisticated version, the adults are in my comprehension deceived by the state, debt, inflation and taxation in the same manner as children are with soy sausages.

Grown up on the myth of the so-called Social Contract, the state is a magic elixir of complete and permanent protection. All who drink it become subjects of the state absolutely dependable on it.

Debt creates a temporary impression that one can consume both before he earns and more than he earns. Over-indebted governments live above their means, and therefore encourage all others to do the same.

When expansion of the money supply is performed by the official institutions, then it is a normal occurrence known as inflation. When you or I do it, the very same thing is however called money counterfeiting. Statistical data incorrectly indicate inflation as being at a low level. Otherwise, citizens would soon notice that their salaries grow slower than their life expenses and they would have become aware how they are disadvantaged by saving money in banks.

Generally seen, consumption is an essential lubricant for every state. Regardless of the social system, consumption is never high enough. If all would just spend, the economy would not grow and recession would follow. That is why it is necessary for every state that consumption inside it rises always more and more. Maybe not forever, but at least for a while so the old debts can be serviced by the new credit expansion.

Through schools, newspapers, television, radio and Internet, we are all filled that taxation is inevitable normal occurrence. Why is, during the process of perpetuation of the system, for the government so important to collect so much money from its population through imposed taxes, fees, fines, permits, licenses, confiscations and other cruel or more refined types of seizures of citizens property?

Facts are facts and assumptions are assumptions, between the two there is a drastic difference even when assumption is "strongly" supported by probability. While the fact as a real truth is not modifiable, assumptions are easy constructible in various ways according to wishes they must satisfy. Assumptions are not proofs, within state laws they are a legal method of dealing with evidences. Depending on the situation and who interprets the given problematic, assumptions can be of crucial importance on state courts. History has shown many times that scientific theory, which is by the way assumption by itself, can serve as an excellent tool for avoiding the truth.
What makes a feathery enigma unsolvable is that neither the chicken can appear without the egg, nor egg can appear without the chicken. Although there is no dilemma at all that while on the one side the state needs the man, on the other side the man has no need of the state, the instinct has faded with time and at the end the theory of the state rose into the adored sanctity never called into question thanks to the recommendation that it is better to give up immediately as it would be useless and pointless to the same extent as guessing which came first - the chicken or the egg.

This assumption is a story that begins in a distant past, long before the grandfather of HASO floated inside the balls of his great-grandfather.
The two ingenious ladies in that prehistoric period decided to form a shrewd partnership and start a scam that will make them the most powerful and richest in the world by making all people of this planet working for them without being aware of it. The two first planned a cunning intend to the last detail and then became what was necessary to transform it to in order to start the fraudulent mechanism.

With quite a lot of fanfare, Miss Regent launched an innovative form of social community christened as the "STATE", plus a phenomenal system of interconnected COMPANIES that were given names which sounds like official GOVERNMENT BODIES. In practice, nothing special but ordinary COMPANIES no different from the usual local businesses. The amazing managerial talent of Miss Regent is reflected in her infinite nobility through which no one is excluded from the STATE. She was so generous to make all people participants without formal act of joining and without any kind of fees. For the purpose of initial growth and future development of maximum trust in organized illusion, Miss Regent hired many laborious individuals that began to work for her decorated by the senseless titles such as "MINISTER", "SENATOR", "PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATIVE" and the like. The job of majority of employees mainly consist of heating chairs all day long and breaking boredom dialoguing with each other. From time to time, Miss Regent sends them around to demand from PUBLIC to ELECT by VOTING those lucky ones that she will later declare as her new employees for the next period.

Applied DEMOCRATIC strategy is a top-grade outreach of a special branch of art. Leaning unreservedly to this principle, so called "CITIZENS" are led to the belief that, if needed, their personal individual opinion potentially represents a drastic difference reached without much sweat. On the other hand, since she is the one who makes RULES, POLICIES, and all decisions, Miss Regent knows very well that in reality the VOICE of the CITIZENS is not worth a damn. Who are her employees, how they think and what they want, at any given moment and in any situation is completely irrelevant.

In a similar way Miss Banken has in the meantime opened her two private companies, one called "CENTRAL BANK" and the other called "MINT". As the owner of both companies, Miss Banken undisputedly decides about everything.

One beautiful sunny day, Miss Regent kindly asked Miss Banken to provide her with some money with which she could pay its employees. And this is precisely the moment in which the genius of two ladies reaches its maximum expression, we arrived at a point where this tragicomedy reached climax. Although with empty pockets, Miss Banken as a PERSON of unquestionable integrity invents how she possess more than enough money for everyone’s needs and desires. On the same evening she lends to Miss Regent a considerable amount of one million "NAIVETES". Since NAIVETES does not exist in physical form at all, the total cost of mentioned FINANCIAL operation for Miss Banken is pure zero.

The next morning, Miss Regent hook a message on a notice board of the STATE that from that date the community has a "PUBLIC DEBT” of one million and two hundred thousand NAIVETES. If society fails to pay a loan on time, to the last NAIVETES, the debt will increase each year by one-fifth.

The scheme of PUBLIC INDEBTEDNESS is another phenomenal tactic used in the same branch of art previously mentioned: CITIZENS are led to believe that "their" SOCIAL COMMUNITY owns something to somebody, although in reality nobody owns nothing to anybody. Without using anything of any real value, inventive partners managed to convince the people not only that each of them is a part of the COLLECTIVE governed by themselves through their REPRESENTATIVES, but also that because of functioning of the basic service network, their COLLECTIVE has borrowed money that is obligated to repay in time to benevolent CREDITOR.

Miss Regent pays her workforce with nicely designed papers suitably denominated as "CHEQUES". These CHEQUES are sent to Miss Banken, and she in turn should deliver the money. As she doesn't own any money, Miss Banken printed in her "MINT" company colorful papers denominated as "BANKNOTES", i.e. "CURRENCY". Having no other way out, Miss Regent and Miss Banken started exchanging among themselves one pieces of paper for other pieces of paper.

The value of BANKNOTES lies in nothing else than in costs of paper, ink and printing. So, Miss Regent and Miss Banken managed, at no cost, to achieve their goal - who normal would have believed it - of convincing a lot of people to work for them and do whatever they are told. But, the story does not end here, the icing on the cake is yet to come...

Under the excuse that the STATE owes a PUBLIC DEBT which has to be repaid in time, Miss Regent in a form of something suitably denominated as "TAXES" takes back from her employees as much as 79% of what she pays them as a reward for their work. For the simple reason that it's an order of the employer, everyone is forced to pay the "TAXES". Namely, inside the STATE numerous rules denominated as "LAWS" are in force already for quite a while, from the day Miss Regent hanged them on the notice board of the community and explained as behavior norms which all must respect equally. Everything she collects from her employees via TAXATION, Miss Regent immediately sends to Miss Banken indicating that it is the loan installments, including additional charges denominated as "INTERESTS".

TAX money constitutes the largest part of employee compensation for their time and effort invested in work for Miss Regent. TAX money somehow represents some form of real money since it is backed by goods and services provided by employees carrying out the work. So, 79% of the salary which we can therefore call a kind of real money, is regularly taken from workers by order of Miss Regent and ends up in the pockets of Miss Banken.

As the seasons pass, CITIZENS more and more avoid to notice how they only apparently participate in community as its equal members. Fearing introduced oppressive measures, gradually they've completely forgotten that CITIZEN membership in the STATE is not a universal obligation nor a duty, but a matter of free personal choice of each one - from which of course emerges that the TAX paying is also nothing else than just one of several options which no one must accept if he doesn't want.

Miss Banken smiles and rubs hands with delight, her partner brings her a lot of real money every month in exchange for false CURRENCY she invented. But why stop there? The next step is maximal expansion of business by applying a trick that already successfully worked with Miss Regent’s employees on as many people as possible.

Miss Banken announced and advertised around that she is willing to lend money to everyone, in order to allow anyone to buy whatever his heart desires. Only half an hour later, the first customer arrives. He needed money to buy a home so he asked Miss Banken to CREDIT him with one hundred thousand NAIVETES. Obviously, Miss Banken would be crazy to refuse such a lucrative opportunity. In fact, whatever happens, she has nothing to lose because she don't risk anything. No matter how many NAIVETES Miss Banken gives to the client, it will cost her zero and in return she will receive from him real hard-earned money. The two contracting parties agree a 25 year period for repaying the loan in monthly installments, with an INTEREST RATE of 20%. If everything goes well as planned, the client will at the end pay to Miss Banken 100.000 of principal plus another 500.000 in INTERESTS, for a total of 600.000 i.e. abnormally more real money than the original amount of borrowed false CURRENCY.

In order to repay in full NAIVETES borrowed from Miss Banken, the client has to earn at least 600.000 in the next 25 years. But, since Miss Regent takes away from every CITIZEN 79% of earned salary through direct TAXES and other hidden LEVIES, it automatically means that client’s 474.000 will end up in the pockets of Miss Banken to repay the fake PUBLIC DEBT and not to repay the personal housing CREDIT. Mathematically consequently, if he doesn't want to tarnish his reputation and honor, excluding the costs for all the other necessities of life, client will have to earn over the next 25 years more than a million BANKNOTES bathed by his own sweat - trifle compared to original 100.000 borrowed.

RESIDENTS do not even dream that the true situation in the STATE is even darker and more dramatic. Miss Banken and Miss Regent made sure that in the ECONOMY of newly created SOCIAL COMMUNITY there is never enough CURRENCY in circulation - with which, in addition to the principal, population could also pay off INTEREST on loans. Most CITIZENS will thus fall into dire FINANCIAL troubles at some point. Majority of PERSONS will soon become unable to continue to repay the amounts requested. In such recession circumstances even the slightest unexpected ECONOMIC difficulties are equal to catastrophe, therefore it's not necessary to describe the consequences of massive redundancies.

And here we come to the right of Miss Banken, guaranteed by Miss Regent’s LAWS, to SEIZE and CONFISCATE property - a CODEX no one of the cheated used to pay attention before. As defined by the LAW, BAILIFFS working for Miss Banken are allowed to take from the CITIZENRY whatever they want, nothing excluded.

In conclusion, co-equal membership in the STATE COMMUNITY from this story is a pure hoax because among other things, it is first of all based not on the signed membership application, but on the theoretical assumption of acceptance of previously free people to join the STATE- Both PUBLIC DEBT and HOME MORTGAGE LOAN are also pure frauds because Miss Banken through her FINANCIAL business falsely lends no value to others.

Successful ascent to the throne of the two ladies - now the richest and most powerful in the world - is inspired by a saying that all it takes for evil to prevail is ignorant passiveness of good men.

With a gigantic propaganda machinery, Miss Banken and Miss Regent led the entire population to ECONOMIC slavery. Using false money as a primary weapon of mass enslavement and destruction, two perfidious partners managed to seize almost all existing property. Story ends with an explosion of paralytic PUBLIC indifference into bloody revolution. The outcome is unknown, but HASO highlights that revolt has not caught Miss Regent and Miss Banken surprised and unprepared. To each constituent of the vast war machine they have been putting together for years, the two have promised - in what other form if not in counterfeit money again - tempting prize for every rebel killed. Strong shouts echoed from the town square: "ARMY, execute the orders! Bravo, catch and break them! Forward SOLDIERS, march forward! This NATION is enemy of this STATE! Freedom and DEMOCRACY are not for these savages, this animals deserve only whip! Surround them! Bravo SOLDIERS, catch and break them! This NATION renounced everything, nothing is sacred to them! ARMY, crush and flatten them to the ground! Spare nobody, they are all the fucking same brat! Destroy them, leave no trace of them! SOLDIERS, these are not our CITIZENS, we don't need such NATION! We will create another NATION! True, better, nicer NATION. NATION who knows how to listen, love and respect the GOVERNMENT. NATION which knows who created it and who has to thank for its existence. We are everywhere, at each corner and we will be new CITIZENRY! We, the People’s ARMY! We will fill our prisons and dungeons with these beasts, we will prevail! ARMY, catch them, break them, spare no one, they are all the fucking same brat! We don't need such NATION! Traitors, dark forces! SOLDIERS, flatten them to the ground! We will caring one for another, we will take care of ourselves, and we will lead this STATE into the brighter future”!

(to be continued)
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Re: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 6 years, 7 months ago #2785

Eureka – Assumption, The Basic Foundation Of Legal State

Stupefying bailouts of stock markets and shareholders, stupefying bailouts of banks and financial institutions, stupefying bailouts of nations and states, stupefying bailouts of industries and "alternatives”, stupefying bailouts of newspaper and television companies - with what? Whatever scientists and experts decorated with highest social awards say, backed by hallucinations and lack of verification, the state undoubtedly represents the strongest and most widespread religious cult throughout history. Interest rates at which countries get into debt, salaries of police officers, the price of wheat, vehicles, real estates, energy and literally everything else that constitutes a market is under absolute dictatorship of a few men who control global monetary system for the same wacky reasons why they fully control the global flow of information, too. Many people suffer and many people get killed because of authorities, and yet the media report only about those desperate who cry for more governance that will save them from these same governments... Nothing else is visible on the screens except men unable to accept responsibilities of life, who in desire that someone else do that instead of them pay politicians with rubber gloves to fine tune them from cradle to grave.

The only thing missing in remodeling of history during which the first states emerged from conquering aspirations and greed for control, into the version that states appeared spontaneously by voluntary unification of people because of their need to ensure the existence and progress - is a chapter in which the lone MUJO, accidentally passing there, ecstatically joins the society and decides to remain forever on that place after having asked "who is the commander here", and after having received the unanimous answer "we are all the commanders here".

In poker victims do not fall just because poker masters know how to deal best cards to themselves, but also because those professionals are great at bluffing when they get bad cards. Without other participants to screw, poker masters are the only victims of poker.

"People need governance. Governance in not a supra-human or divine creation, but it derives from the social contract. Consciously and voluntarily entering into the social contract, people agree to live in an organized society. By voluntarily accepting social contract, people consciously agree to limitations of their rights and freedoms. Fully understanding what is offered in it and what obligations emanate from it, by voluntarily accepting social contract people consciously agree to exchange their freedom and their rights for security provided by the state. Citizens are not vassals of their state because through the social contract they renounce some of their rights knowingly and willingly. Consciously and voluntarily accepting the social contract, people agree to authorize the police to use force against themselves as persons wrongly adapted to the life in society - even when in good faith they commit the most moral and the most correct actions. States, like the Republic of Croatia - based on the social contract, are the rule-of-law systems" - Croatian authorities claims within the manual "POLICE AND CITIZENS" published in 2005, and admits in black and white how conscious and voluntary acceptance of that famous big deal is not a real fact, but only a total and pure assumption! It's definitely worth to shock ourselves again over the style in which a man concedes to state authorities management of himself and of all that makes him human. So once again I'm emphasizing: Instead in reality, the basic prerequisite for "existence" of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA as a social community is satisfied in imagination! Just in case anybody is still unclear about the STATE-CITIZENS relationships, for the third time: The voluntary acceptance of the Social Contract is rather a heartbreaking fantasy then confirmed by the man's own signature.

Citizen self-initiative partially corresponds with a definition of free and sovereign man who governs himself freely, which is why self-initiative – often called anarchy, is not compatible with the idea of the existence of the state. In order to prevent citizen self-initiative, police exists as an integral part of each state.

If we ask children what they think about police, they will respond immediately and without hesitation that police protects us from bad guys. Among all other things the police tells the population, one of the loudest and most frequently repeated is probably that citizens themselves should also take care about their own protection from thieves and criminals. Police also hotly recommends that best protected from evil are those well-educated and well-informed.

Within the website of the CROATIAN POLICE, i.e. MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA and websites of sympathizers of that institution, quite a lot of material is intended to educate both police officers and citizenry.

According to those texts, police has been built in the society by the state, as a public service that steers the behavior of citizens in a certain direction, whether peacefully or by force, all for the common good.
Analyzing even partially the official pages of Bodies of peace and order, in the first place is certainly appropriate to paraphrase the lines in which police are here to obey and execute orders, not to judge them. When looking at self in mirror, each police officer should see a cold Robocop. Robocop is unable to reason and argue, he is a programmed machine without emotions and personal convictions who will automatically and without questioning execute all received orders despite how immoral or wrong they might seem.

Regardless of how good his other intentions eventually may be, the primary intention of each ruler is to rule. Bearing in mind the proverb that only a bad product needs a big publicity since good quality product sells itself, the attentive observer will certainly not miss a really surprising amount of effort that the police - as an organization whose basic duty is not to think but to execute - has invested into think out the justification for the existence of its order-givers. Supposedly, the state is not a purpose to itself, but it is a mechanism that ensures the fulfillment of human freedoms - says the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA and continues to interpret those freedoms by re-christening them into safety and security, that is to say into an endless list of restrictions and limitations.

Experts agreed that continuously repeated lie has a great chances to become the truth. The need for the existence of government is justified in the educational material by the story that men are not angels. Yes, ok for adults, but what about the children? What is not mentioned is the undeniable fact that all small babies are born to this world in no other way but as innocent angels. Inside menagerie full of beasts, what else except beast can one grow-up into?

To my comprehension, the love of the state towards the man is identical to the love of man towards the dog. Each love for quadrupeds has its critical moment right at the start, when the alleged friend by putting a leash on dog formally becomes his master. The man without identity card is not different from the dog without a leash, instead free he is pursued.

Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, I can easily comprehend the government's pretenses according to which people need government since they are unable to exist without it. It is also not difficult for me to comprehend the pretenses of the government according to which everything the government does is allegedly first and foremost done for the public good, to ensure prosperity of all people within the state. However, to implicitly claim on the one side that all human beings agreed consciously and willingly to participate in the so-called state, which is imposed on each of us in a form of supreme authority, and to take the unquestionable right to meddle into others' affairs, regulate others' relationships and control others' lives, while on the other side not holding in hands the real and existing Social Contract weighted by so many undeniable signatures of all those involved in such a controversial concept, but only assume the voluntary consent of all men, and easily take that assumption for granted just as the authorities take it categorically in such way, among other things in the manual "POLICE AND CITIZENS" also - hmm, I cannot digest that, dear Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA. The unscrupulously served menu in fact coincides too much with the consequences of consuming narcotics, i.e. with a perverse manipulation of human perception.

(to be continued)
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Re: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 6 years, 7 months ago #2786

Reapropriation Of Sovereignty

With its need for incessant credit expansion due to which scared citizens silently suffer the humiliation of consumer life, global economic system irresistibly resembles a voracious big white shark that will die if it stops moving. Worshipping happiness through the purchase of unnecessary things with the money I dont' have, and at the same time giving up self-respect and dignity - does not attract me a bit. The masses seem to have a blind confidence in endless exponential economic growth and infinite increase of debt. In 1992, Croatian punk-rock band KUD Idijoti published an album whose title "Stupidity is indestructible” is perfectly suitable to the situation where old loans can only be paid with new debt. Of course, everything can exist if a sufficient number of people have been convinced in it. However, Natural Laws do not represent the whimsical character of Gods, so ignoring them has a short expiration period. For example, during the free fall everyone can be convinced to fly, but no longer of loud crash against the ground.

Accumulating prejudices in disappointment with defective fantasies, every four years, population impressed with fresh illusions plunges into new fascinating missions. In an interview with BBC at the end of the 60’s, John Lennon said: "Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it". In a distorted society sane people are considered mentally ill, while normal are those which are well adapted to upside down ambience with their twisted behavior. The extent in which the horrible history of mankind is actually a terrible consequence of the collective madness, probably was best noticed by Friedrich Nietzsche: "Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule".

In a corrupted, strictly centralized society controlled by banking, military and corporative interests, it is not recommended to not vibrate on the absurd faith in leaders. It is simply unbelievable how stupid a man can become in such environment when his job depends on the level of stupidity he can reach. Considering myself a sane man that sails well in mathematics and forms his opinions and evaluations on the basis of reason and facts, a man therefore able to think critically and to think for himself regardless of dominant taboos and superstitions, from the agony of dealing with unsustainable monetary system I see as much benefit as from Don Quixote fight against the windmills.

Avoiding any "if" and any "but", Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in 1898 solved with a brilliant conclusion Tolstoy’s philosophical trap on how much land does one man really need: "A man requires only the freedom to roam the globe, where he can have room to display all the qualities and peculiarities of his free spirit".
In the 1981 movie "Do You Remember Dolly Bell" where Slavko Štimac repeats all the time the phrase "every day in every way I am getting better and better", Pavle Vujisić through dialogue with Slobodan Aligrudić concludes: "When there is freedom, there will be no state".

Who is such a jerk to break his teeth biting wall graffiti "hamburger"? Why will neither plants nor animals nor children, but only adults, stop in front of the table on which is, established by the law, written "state border”? The state is, undeniably, a virtual creation - a fiction without its own physical reality that of all life forms limits only the human mind, which is the unique place where it subsist.

From standing on some geographical area maybe it would be possible to formulate the right of a man to join the certain society, but the obligation on this never and under any circumstances. In addition, if on these basis the society does not allow its member to leave, then it is neither free, nor a society.

All human beings are born to this world fully equal. No one is above anyone. Nobody has the right to command and to impose anything to anyone. No one has the right to force anyone on anything. In mutual relations, offer is the only thing one man can place in front of other people. Regardless of how much someone insists on presenting it as an obligation of any type, the offer always remains just an offer and the other side is free to choose whether to accept or to reject it.

Personally, I perceive the state as a house party. Group at the table is grabbing crumbs and remnants of days ago while the host is having fun in the kitchen and enjoy the feast together with his supplier friends - bankers by profession. The democratic majority wants to hear some more cheerful music, but the stereo does not stop playing national anthem and military songs. Although dressed as waiters, state employees poorly serving guests and behave more like prison guards. A mirror here and a mirror there, mirrors everywhere. The ambience is full of smoke, but there is a lack of chairs. Apart from being well camouflaged, the exit doors of a house are reinforced and further protected with electronic devices, so for a very long time no one has opened them and left the party. However, whether because he is bored by the music or he does not like the food, whether he is not happy with the atmosphere or for some other reason, sooner or later someone will certainly want to walk out. In a free society, the men who occasionally leave the party wouldn't represent at all so shocking and rare phenomenon. Moreover, some state workers would constantly stand near the exit, making sure the opening of the door is always easy and simple - almost lubricated. Not only would the quest then know they are always free to leave, but without abandoning the party personally they would be also allowed to peek a view what is the world like outside the house. The point is that whatever decision one takes - better inside or better outside, it must be his will and not what others want.

So while, on one hand, all people inside must indeed obey the house rules, on the other hand house regulations are not applicable to those outside. However, being out of the house and therefore free of social commandments and norms does not mean there aren’t any laws which need to be respected. Natural Laws are everywhere equally valid: Honor your agreements, don't kill anyone, don't injure anyone, don't act damaging towards others and don't steal. So if next time you, POLICE and CITIZENS; see me outside walking without IDENTITY CARD, smoking, picking asparagus, carrying a gun or for example travelling in my car without LICENCE PLATES, INSURANCE or DRIVER’S LICENCE, be aware that I am not breaking the law. Voluntary or not, you are inside the HOUSE - I am not. Voluntary or not, you are SOCIETY - I am not. Voluntary or not, all of you are agreeing to HOUSE RULES - I do not. You have given up the freedom to enjoy the benefits of the SYSTEM, I have given up the SYSTEM to enjoy the benefits of freedom.

1991 - REPUBLIC OF CROATIA - Judge: The defendant Đurić Aljoša is found guilty for driving unregistered car, for having no equipment required, for driving a car without technical inspection. He is punished with a fine amounting to 1150 dinars and additional 500 dinars of judicial costs.

Relationships sometimes crumble. It is then that litigants invoke the contract. The contract is essentially a very simple thing - on one side there is the signature of the offerer, and on the other the signature of the acceptor. Each contract is null and void if it was not concluded on the basis of the voluntary and conscious assent, if the offer was not fully clarified and if it contained no hidden factors, and if it did not contain the values both counterparties are putting on the bargaining table. Since fictions are not able to think and to sign documents, it is obvious that they cannot contract anything.
Citizenship in itself is nothing else than a contract like any other. Instead of being a matter of the conscious and voluntary acceptance, to my comprehension, the Contract of Croatian citizenship is mostly the result of automation applied by the Republic of Croatia on the "candidates” who was denied alternative choice. Furthermore, in it are omitted not only a comprehensive overview of everything that citizenship carries with it, but also the values ​​both offerer and acceptor are putting on the bargaining table. In addition, according to the Croatian Republic Citizenship Act, it is very unlikely that anyone can renounce membership in the society and become a free man. In fact, the renunciation of citizenship is allowed only under condition that persons already have the citizenship of some other state or if they prove they will soon have it. In the interest of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR can deny the request for termination of citizenship without any explanation, even if all prerequisites are met.

We are witnessing the creation of virtual dimension called the EUROPEAN UNION. Like all other artificial creations, the Republic of Croatia joined it, too. The process is in its crucial phase. With no regret over funds spend for propaganda, EU fiction tries to proclaim itself as sovereign. But to achieve this, first all member states must give up their own sovereignty in its favor - as Mario Monti, a banker and a high-ranked official of Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission (until recently technocratic Prime minister of the ITALIAN GOVERNMENT) confirms by illuminating the background of the current economic crisis during the 2011 Conference at Free International University for Social Studies "Guido Carli" in Rome: "If we want to continue along this path, we should not be surprised that Europe needs a crisis and a serious crisis to move forward. Progress for Europe is by definition the conceding of part of national sovereignty to the European Community. It's clear that the political power, but also a sense of belonging to a national community of citizens, will be ready for such a concession only when political and psychological price of not doing so becomes greater than the price of doing so because there is a crisis, visible and overt. We need the crisis as we need the G20 and other international bodies and forums for making progress. Once the crisis is over, a sediment remains because you have put in place institutions, laws, etc. which are no longer fully reversible".

Unlike criminals, honest people cannot give to others what they lack themselves. That said, a provocative question arises by itself: Regardless whether it will be conceded tomorrow to the EUROPEAN UNION or not, how did the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA obtained its sovereignty in the first place?
The one and only way the state can eventually become sovereign is by sovereign people giving up their own sovereignty in the favor of the state. Those who allegedly did so in the nineties during the forming of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA into the "existence" perhaps were the democratic majority, but others who then refused to do the same thing were not turned into minority subject to their influence. Absolutely not, under no circumstances! With the cancellation of the SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA from "existence", they remained sovereignly untouchable instead.

Laws can create fictions, but fictions cannot create laws. The PARLIAMENT is a concept, a fantasy, an imagination without its own physical reality. In other words, political-legal fiction that has placed itself above the man and granted to itself supra-divine authority. The Parliament has no its own unique DNA fingerprint, but the real individuals behind it can easy be infallibly identified with this technique. This anomalous group of people, and I keep thinking about SABOR (CROATIAN PARLIAMENT) Mister PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, has - at the moment when the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA was proclaimed into "existence" as a sovereign and independent state - played very dirty with something that had no right to play with. More concretely, with the sovereignty of a free living man of flesh and blood - my own!

Separating myself from the firmly rooted paradigm, congruently to unprecedented importance of this Notice based on more than extensive years-long theoretical and practical research during which I had many opportunities to meet the controlled opposition in various sectors, once again - briefly, I'm presenting incontrovertible facts.

If that seems like the smartest choice, each of us is completely free to accept other people’s offer of help in protecting his rights and life in general. There is no dilemma that there is absolutely no reason to blame those who consciously and voluntarily decide they have no better option than to transform themselves from men into PERSONS and join the common system which functions within strictly defined parameters. However, no one can be forced to support such system or to participate in it. Regardless whether assaulted by colleagues, relatives or other people, persons, institutions, organizations, agencies, priests, Gods or even higher authorities, without his prior consent no one is allowed to order a man what to do and what not to do. Whoever is determined, without breaking Universal Natural Laws, to live honestly outside the society because he's refusing to accept its structure, its methods, its common objectives, its political system, for example its economic or educational or justice scheme - has absolute freedom to proceed in that direction. Obtaining the consent of a free man for his participation in social community by using trickery or force is a despicable crime.

CROATIAN PARLIAMENT has in 1991 proclaimed into imaginary existence supposedly sovereign and independent REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, and international community had then recognized the newly-created state as an international legal entity. The REPUBLIC OF CROATIA was thus in the early nineties proclaimed into “existence” by the occupation of a certain part of the planet Earth through the criminal mistake or via deliberate ignoring of the sovereignty and rights of other people living on that same geographical area. Within documented work of the PARLIAMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA from that period is given in knowledge that SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA represented imposed totalitarian and centralistic system, that the right of the Croatian nation to self-determination is inalienable and inconsumable, that the sovereignty of independent REPUBLIC OF CROATIA belongs to all its citizens, that on the territory on which REPUBLIC OF CROATIA is proclaimed only laws enacted by CROATIAN PARLIAMENT are valid, that REPUBLIC OF CROATIA deletes legitimacy and legality of all SFRY bodies and other bodies acting on her behalf, and that REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, while ensuring fundamental rights of man, faces attempts to undermine its integrity and constitutional order by organized terrorism and banditry.

Enjoying the inalienable and inconsumable right to self-determination, a man - sovereign administrator of his being - autonomously manages himself in most convenient way, without any control and limitations, in accordance with the Universal Natural Laws. That right, otherwise denominated as the Inalienable Natural Right of a Free Man, emanates from a man's ability to think straight and to distinguish good from evil, and from his power of choosing action most appropriate to him.
Considering everything that later happened on this geographical areas, it is irrelevant how in 1967 I became a member of the SFRY as a newly-born child. Has Yugoslavia collapsed on its own, was it demolished by the host themselves, was it disintegrated by invited or maybe uninvited guests - probably by bankers, for me is also perfectly insignificant. What is of primary importance for my being is that with the cancellation of the fictive SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA from "existence", and by that automatically with the cancellation from "existence" of another fiction also - its citizen, person ĐURIĆ ALJOŠA (VIŠKA 14, PULA), I have regained my original natural status of free and sovereign man since I was not tied to any of newly-proclaimed states, or any other, by any form of any newly-signed contract.

When counterfeiting as a criminal act is in question, somehow it immediately and irresistibly makes me think of money. If we imagine there is only one bread on the whole market, and only one banknote is in circulation, then it is not at all difficult to conclude that the counterfeiting of currency is inadmissible because otherwise bread will be eaten by the counterfeiter instead by the honest worker. If in the same example central bank issues additional banknote into circulation, while only one bread continues to exist on the market, honest worker will remain hungry again. The only difference is that this time the falsifier was praised Central Bank Governor and falsifying is called economic policy.
Instead of bread, let’s take now the total value of former SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA before demolition, and instead of mentioned one banknote let’s take my undeniable right to a proportional piece of that common treasure during its subsequent division. In the name of their newly-enrolled citizens, newly-invented states have taken possession of even the last crumb of SFRY. Mister PRIME MINISTER, by endangering my sovereignty and by violating my fundamental human rights, real people behind the fictional creation called the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA have deliberately or through the criminal mistake taken mine share of overall EX-YU wealth.
My whole youth cannot be reinvented into a pure fantasy - any eventual alteration of the SFRY state of birth of the person ĐURIĆ ALJOŠA, and any eventual alteration of the SFRY citizenship of the person ĐURIĆ ALJOŠA during the duration of the SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA, as well as in the period immediately after the Yugoslavia's destruction, any eventual reincarnation of the person ĐURIĆ ALJOŠA inside any kind of society by attaching him some new citizenship, either purposely or through the criminal mistake, is a falsification of real facts..

With here attached international personal documents, particularly interesting because they were issued after the collapse of the SFRY, that is to say in time when newly-created states were already well established - I'm providing an undeniable proof of the fact that a person ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ was "born” in SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA.

With here attached documents, issued by certified court interpreter, also after the breakup of the former state, i.e. after the proclamation of new states - I'm providing an undeniable proof of the fact that during the "existence” of SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA, person ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ throughout whole its "life" had SFRY citizenship.

With here attached document dating back to 1992 issued by the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, I'm providing an undeniable proof of the fact that I have continuously lived on the geographical area of the so-called Pula since 1969, therefore long before the state REPUBLIC OF CROATIA was proclaimed into "existence" on the same geographical area.

Since person as a fiction by itself cannot "exist” nowhere else other than within a state, which is also a fiction by itself, by the cancellation of "existence" of SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA I have regained my original natural status of free and sovereign man. For no other reason than just because at the same moment automatically was canceled the "existence" of the SFRY citizen - PERSON ĐURIĆ ALJOŠA, too. With here attached difference between identically named documents dating back to 1984 and 1992 - I'm providing an undeniable proof of the fact that I have not consciously and voluntarily joined any new state proclaimed on the geographical area of the EX-YU, nor have I tied myself to them or to any other state through any kind of newly-concluded contract. Birth certificate dated 03.02.1984 clearly and unequivocally proves citizenship (Državljanstvo) of SFRY. Birth certificate issued on February 21 1992 clearly and unequivocally confirms there is no affiliation regarding citizenship (Državljanstvo).

With this Notice, Mister PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party is correctly informed that the Contract of citizenship initialized in 1992 and concluded in 1993 between the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA and ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ is completely null and void!


Null and void not only because from my comprehension it represents a hoax both by its content and by the circumstances that led to its signing on my part, but mainly for the reason that the conclusion of the contract was forcibly extorted with firearms, imprisonment, threats, intimidation and similar disgusting methods which will be described in more detail later within focusing on my proportional share of the social property of former SFRY that was taken from me and indemnity motivated by not only that.
Was it done on behalf of the Croatian nation, or not, it does not matter, since the nation is nothing more than mere concept. Was it done by the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA or by the real men who were at its rudder - it does not make much difference to me. The fact is, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, that on me, a free and sovereign being under the jurisdiction of none state on this planet, a man who did nothing wrong nor has violated any Universal Natural Law, either systematically or through the criminal mistake have been practiced exactly those activities which CROATIAN PARLIAMENT in previous lines defines as criminal.
The true state of facts indicated here - indisputable in any regard, is easily provable, inter alia, with the Military ID issued by the former SFRY in which depriving me of freedom, mental torture, instigation to suicide and forced supporting of goals and objectives of others are recorded. Clearly visible seal inside that personal document undeniably demonstrates my forced serving in the Military of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA to the interests of that state - although not its citizen - between 24 December 1991 and 04 March 1992 when as a consequence I fell into a "zombie trans” and was temporarily removed from service. Many stood up to fight their battles as Ustasha, during subsequent period the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA has not given up from my participation in murderous conflict.

Military exercise from 24.12.1991 to 04.03.1992

With this Notice, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party is correctly informed that I'm kindly returning the favor of generating in '90s under duress fiction known as person ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ - Citizen of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA - in a way that from this moment I legitimately break every connection with it and with all other inanimate inventions that suggestively pretends to be the original me, Aljoša from the Đurić family. By cutting, therefore, all illegitimately and forcibly established connections with artificial simulation of my living being, effectively from this moment person ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ formally becomes non-existing, in any sense, shape or form - just like when former SFRY was deleted from "existence”.

On the right: Man - Aljoša from the Đurić family

With this Notice, Mister PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party is further correctly informed that I, Aljoša from the Đurić family, pursuant to nullity of the Croatian Citizenship Contract, from this moment on reestablish the sovereignty of my physical reality, i.e. of my living being made of flesh and blood. I prefer self-dominance more than your or anyone's domination over me. Each of my alleged consents to statutory, i.e. national and international laws, regulations, acts and similar – including personal subjection to them, is definitely and officially canceled by this Notice.

With this Notice, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party is correctly informed that it is responsible for all possible consequences if it fails to immediately inform of this new state of facts - as indicated in the lines below - entire state apparatus ad all other Croatian citizens, partners of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, creditors, trustees, subcontractors, affiliates, representatives and all other institutions, organizations, companies and individuals around the world who can be affected in any way by this radical change in our relationship:

Reapropriation Of Personal Sovereignty And Emanating Rights

- since the undeniable and unquestionable truth is that Natural Law as Universal Cosmos Law is the basis and essence of everything;

- since the undeniable and unquestionable truth is that despite no formal proclamation Natural Law as the Cosmos balance is the oldest law above any other law, and the only one that is applied equally to all sentient beings;

- considering that Universal Natural Law without any exceptions and limitations allows each man express and exercise his free will under the condition that this does not violate the rights of others to life, freedom, justice, equality and ownership;

- considering that the society, regardless of its purpose and objectives, is a community of men and women in which membership is based on mutual consent, thus according to the Natural Law nor the parliament, nor the government, nor any other fictive legal bodies and persons, which by the way are all not immune to bankruptcy, have no authority and no control over the other party and its property if previously the other party has not consciously and voluntarily accepted to participate in such a system;

- bearing in mind that on the one hand man’s personal sovereignty is an integral part of the Natural Law which cannot be denied, modified or wrongly interpreted by any nor more nor the less educated head, whether it be a politician, a judge, a policeman, an economist, a scientist or a priest, and on the other hand that sovereign man is the one who independently governs himself outside anyone’s influence and control;

- bearing in mind that on the third hand the government is illegitimate without the consent of the governed and represented to be governed and represented, and bearing in mind that on the fourth hand by being born anywhere on the planet Earth with undeniable right to self-determination and self-governance men and women may deny or revoke such consent and live freely outside the system unburdened by any obligation and/or restriction;

- without forgetting that both legal and physical persons as fictions from the dimension of fables are not capable of having any authority and of exercising any control over living men who are aware of this undeniable fact;

- without forgetting that each policeman, soldier, guard and any other officer or guardian of the public order is personally responsible, among other things, in a financial sense also if he try to punish, arrest or impose any form of legal regulation to any man who acting in accordance with the Universal Natural Law automatically does not violate any rule of different origin if he had previously chosen not to give his consent to the state, to its parliament, to its government, to its courts, to its legislations, to its regulations and acts or ordinances;

- remembering, among other things also through the following statement of the candidate for CROATIAN PARLIAMENT in 2011, how at the end of the 20th century the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA was proclaimed into "existence"

I, Goreta Tilda (full name), _______ (OIB number), born on 04 May 1955 (date of birth) during the duration of Socialist Federative Republic Yugoslavia, as an integral part of Croatian nation and as Croatian citizen and also as a participant in events directly and/or indirectly linked with bringing of Republic of Croatia into existence as sovereign and independent state in the course of the nineties of the 20th century - responsibly declare:

If by the proclamation of existence of the Republic of Croatia, i.e. the proclamation of its territorial borders, i.e. the proclamation of its material and intangible property, someone has eventually been deprived of his inalienable rights, including among other the right to free existence in nature unburdened by the membership in any kind or form of the state concept, and thus deprived of his proportional share of material and intangible wealth of the former SFRY - I never intended to participate in that, I never agreed to that nor have I ever authorized anyone to do that. In other words, if during the nineties I have eventually with my direct and/or indirect participation in key events in the creation of the Republic of Croatia damaged anyone in the aforementioned manner - I sincerely apologize, since, conditioned by numerous factors, I didn't do that consciously.

In shortest possible time frame the Republic Of Croatia must to all eventual victims of this historically unprecedented event compensate the suffered damage with interests, and return material and intangible property seized from them.

Relying on all of my knowledge and other physical abilities, unburdened by any prejudices, I, Aljoša from the Đurić family, an adult man of flesh and blood born on 05 October 1967, of sound mind and fully conscious, honestly and without ill intentions, inform all interested and other parties via this document that on this day of the year 2013 I'm entering into full possession of my own living being and thus establishing my personal sovereignty, with which I do not allow anyone to administer me or represent me anymore in any way or any form.

My intention is to live honorably in peace, to do business honestly, to not cheat and deceive anyone, to not steal or damage other people’s property, to not kill and hurt others.

Since all people are equal and therefore one to another can only offer and propose instead to command, and since no one is authorized by me to be an authority over me, I am not obliged to obey orders of any man, woman, legal or physical person, organization, institution or system.

I do not agree and I do not recognize any obligation to ask anyone for any permission regarding participation in peaceful activities compatible with the Universal Natural Law.

As a sovereign man I have a right to work and enjoy the fruits of my work. My indelible right is also, unhindered by any legal regulation and similar rules and conditionalities, to freely conduct my private businesses, to travel, to cross the virtual interstate borders, to create, to build, to collect, to cultivate, to grow, to process, to transform, to store, to exchange and to trade. Apart from other people’s honestly obtained private property of reasonable size, my right is to freely stand anywhere on Free Planet Earth.

My right is to deny the consent to cooperation and interaction with state officials, representatives, clerks, agents, delegates, judges, soldiers, policemen, custom officers, tax collectors, bailiffs and medical personnel.

It's my right, without paying any kind of tax and fee or rent, to use in a peaceful way land, water and air, to own and enjoy any property of reasonable dimensions which I maintain and take care of.

I have a right to legitimate self-defense and it is my right to undertake all necessary measures for protecting my family and its interests.

My time is only mine and only I have the exclusive right to dispose of it by my free will. It is my right to charge my time to others at a price of 200 Troy ounces of pure gold per hour if they consume it without my consent, thus molesting me in any form or manner. Likewise, it is my right to charge 1.500.000 Troy ounces of pure gold to anyone who caused me physical pain and/or injuries.

Whether alone or together with their biological mother, it is my right, without any restriction and state or corporative interference, to protect and care of my children until they reach the age of 18 years. It is my right to educate and raise my children myself, outside the school system, in any way that together with their biological mother I consider the best and most useful in terms of their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

(to be continued)
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Regeneration Of Ownership Over Proportional Part Of Ex-SFRY Social Property

The newly-proclaimed so-called REPUBLIC OF CROATIA was admitted as a member of the so-called United Nations in 1992. With the act of proclaiming into "existence" new society and its territory on the place of the former SFRY, the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA has automatically appropriated an impressive property. With the Article 50 of Christmas Constitution from 1990 - the first constitution of allegedly independent REPUBLIC OF CROATIA - men at the helm of the state proclaimed that, in the interest of the state and for the protection of the security of the state, entrepreneurial freedom and ownership rights may legally be limited. On the basis of the aforementioned article, newly-proclaimed Croatian society adopted a law called "Act on the transformation of socially-owned enterprises". Through the process of conversion and privatization, enterprises owned by the deleted Yugoslav society are given new owners - the Croatian State and/or private entrepreneurs.

Recently, on Saturday 20 July 2013 to be more exact, it was announced in the media that after 12 years in Primošten, Croatia, the name of Dr. Franjo Tuđman street was abolished – Franjo Tudjman was the first PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, identified as a participant in the joint criminal enterprise by the verdict of the International Tribunal for War Crimes in Hague. "Franjo Tuđman impoverished Croatian nation through the privatization robbery and inflicted it greatest harm” - explained the Mayor of Primošten.

The so-called SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA was a founding member of the Organization of the United Nations, which is to say from 1945. The period following the World War II is characterized by the fact that the two superpowers, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS, took over leadership of the two opposing political blocks in which they divided the globe. Mainly by the idea and initiative of Josip Broz Tito - the PRESIDENT OF THE SFRY, the alternative to servility to the imperialist assaults during the period of that so-called "Cold War" was launched in 1961 in Belgrade, when the so-called Non-Aligned Movement was founded.

Somewhere in that period Yugoslavia achieves the highest rate of economic growth in the world. Mostly thanks to adoption of an innovative system in which there was no state-owned but only socially owned property. Social property represented by far the highest percentage of all existing property in SFRY. Social property, without even slightest exaggeration an enormous treasure, is a property over which no one have nor may claim ownership rights – just as it is clearly and unequivocally defined by the Constitution of the SFRY:

Basic principles
- Socialist social order of Socialist Federative Republic Yugoslavia is based on the rule of working class and all working people, and on relations between people acting as free and equal producers and creators, whose work serves exclusively to satisfy their personal and common needs.

- Accordingly, the inviolable foundation of the position and role of man lies in social ownership of the means of production, which precludes the restoration of any system of exploitation of one man by another.

- Contrary to social-economic and political system determined by this constitution is any type of management of production and of other social activities and/or any type of distribution that distorts the social relations based on this position of man, whether in the form of bureaucratic arbitrariness, technocratic usurpation and privileges based on monopoly management over means of production, or in the form of the appropriation of the means of production on the group-ownership basis and in other forms of privatization of these means, as well as any other manner of enforcing limitations on working class in realizing its historical role in the social-economic and political relations, and in organizing governance for itself and for all working people.

Since no one has the right of ownership over the socially owned means of production - no one, nor the social-political community, nor the organization of associated labor, nor a group of citizens, nor the individual may appropriate on any legal-ownership basis the product of associated labor, or manage and dispose of socially owned means of production and work, or arbitrarily determine the terms of distribution.

Part One
- Article 11
No individual may gain material or other advantage directly or indirectly by exploiting the work of others.

- Article 12
The means of production and the other means of socially organized work, products of associated labor and income realized by associated labor, the means for the satisfaction of collective and general social needs, natural resources and goods of general collective usufruct are the property of the society. Nobody can obtain property rights over social means since they are a prerequisite for work in basic and other organization of associated labor, and represent a material basis for the exercise of the functions of self-managed communities of interest or other self-managed organizations and communities and social-political communities. Social property cannot be used as a mean for appropriating another's surplus labor, nor for creating the conditions for such appropriation.

Beyond any doubt, my membership in the so-called SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA since my birth, i.e. virtual "existence" within that state of person ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ - pirated copy of me, is not based on my conscious and voluntary consent given that no valid adhesion contract signed by me on the day 05 October 1967 exist. How much my participation in the social community of SFRY was based on a deceit of me, on the deceit of my parents and indeed of most, if not all other people that the only possible form of life on this planet is the one in which you must be a part of the state - it almost doesn't matter anymore. Today the most important fact of crucial importance is that my former Yugoslav citizenship is undeniable. My undeniable former Yugoslav citizenship represents an undisputable right to a proportionate share of the overall EX-YU social property.

SFRY citizenship of both "parents” of person ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ, SFRY as the state of "birth” of person ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ and SFRY citizenship of person ALJOŠA ĐURIĆ is proven by here enclosed Birth certificate dated 21 October 1967, high school Index, Labor book and Passport.

By the constitutions of most if not all countries of this world, in one way or another individual man is guaranteed the right to life and freedom. By the Article 20 of UN’s "Universal Declaration Of Human Rights" and constitutions of most if not all states of the world - in one version or another, generally called as "Protection of human rights", individual man is in similar manner guaranteed that he cannot be compelled to belong to any association. Yes, of course state is also an association!
On Free Planet Earth, where at the beginning of the 1990’s fictional creation called SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA was eliminated from "existence" in the real world, how else if not by erasing on paper and by removing flag and other symbols of the same - Aljoša from the Đurić family remained standing. A man not tied by any contract to any membership in any state. A man beyond the reach of any parliamentary or similar jurisdiction. Sovereign. With the noncancellable right to his proportional share in the division of total social property of the just terminated SFRY - "detested dungeon of nations".

With intentions of robbing or neglecting through the criminal mistake the fact that for some two decades I already truly stood on geographical area where only then in 1990’ virtual Croatian creation was invented into "existence"; in a gangster style or ignoring through the criminal mistake my sovereign status; with a bandit techniques or through the criminal mistake trampling my ownership rights, the men at the helm of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA have in that period hocus-pocused in the name of the conceptual Croatian nation a legal ownership transfer whose abracadabra attributes is worthwhile to remember through the following statements:

I, _______ (full name), _______ (OIB number), born on _______ (date of birth) during the duration of Socialist Federative Republic Yugoslavia, as an integral part of Croatian nation and as Croatian citizen and also as a participant in events directly and/or indirectly linked with bringing of Republic of Croatia into existence as sovereign and independent state in the course of the nineties of the 20th century - responsibly declare:

If by the proclamation of existence of the Republic of Croatia, i.e. the proclamation of its territorial borders, i.e. the proclamation of its material and intangible property, someone has eventually been deprived of his inalienable rights, including among other the right to free existence in nature unburdened by the membership in any kind or form of the state concept, and thus deprived of his proportional share of material and intangible wealth of the former SFRY - I never intended to participate in that, I never agreed to that nor have I ever authorized anyone to do that. In other words, if during the nineties I have eventually with my direct and/or indirect participation in key events in the creation of the Republic of Croatia damaged anyone in the aforementioned manner - I sincerely apologize, since, conditioned by numerous factors, I didn't do that consciously.

In shortest possible time frame the Republic Of Croatia must to all eventual victims of this historically unprecedented event compensate the suffered damage with interests, and return material and intangible property seized from them.

Factually proven within this document, it is null and void, i.e. invalid every and any version according to which the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA has deprived me fairly and justly in early 1990s of my portion of the EX-YU treasure. With this Notice, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party has been correctly informed that on this day I, Aljoša from the Đurić family, legitimately regenerate mine undeniable ownership right over my proportional share of overall social property from the former SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA.

By this Notice, Mister PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party is correctly informed about the following: Your eventual refusal to accept within 45 days offer of alternative conditional agreement (precisely specified in the following pages of this document) intends that the reasonable and fair time limit for returning my unjustly, dishonestly and illegitimately seized property expires after 90 days from today's date. The same deadline applies also to a refund of all my funds so far gone for pension purposes, interests included. Apart from other appropriate interventions, eventual non-compliance with the aforementioned time limit will also result in charging your party with the amount of 100 Troy ounces of pure gold for every day of delay.

Since mine and only mine personal, the property here indicated in no case and under any circumstances could have become a subject at other’s disposal and/or a subject of someone else's exploitation, sale, exchange, bankruptcy and/or the like. Therefore, in case of refusal of offer of alternative conditional agreement specified in the following pages, your party Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA is obliged to return me all my property in original "SFRY form” and to compensate me within 90 days from this day any eventual damage - in pure gold instead of monetary units.

With the lack of acceptance of offered alternative conditional agreement (precisely specified in the following pages of this document) within 45 days, your party Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA is obliged to compensate me, not in monetary units but in pure gold and no later than 90 days from today, for all movable and immovable property which due to mutually accepted justified reasons cannot be returned to me in full or as a whole - including companies, residential and business as well as health care facilities, military and tourism infrastructure, equipment, land and sea means of transport as well as flying vehicles, various mechanization, natural resources and cultural heritage, protected patents, processes and products as well as everything else not listed here.

I'm emphasizing that legitimately my property of course also includes a proportional share of financial assets and commodity reserves of the former SFRY society.

With this Notice, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party is correctly informed of the following: In case you refuse to accept the offer of alternative conditional agreement specified in the following pages, you are responsible for any and all possible consequences that may arise if on the 46th day from today you don't communicate the new factual state to the entire state apparatus and all other Croatian citizens, partners of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, creditors, trustees, representatives and all other institutions, organizations, companies and individuals around the world who can be affected in any way by this radical change in ownership relations.

(to be continued)
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Re: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 6 years, 7 months ago #2788

Forbiddance Of Accessing Private Property

When according to the Universal Natural Law someone is legitimately in possession of some property, then it is a justified act to protect that property even from persons who in relation to it were nominated through state regulations as legal holders of ownership title.

With this Notice, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party is correctly informed of the following: Your eventual refusal to accept offered alternative conditional agreement (precisely specified in the subsequent pages of this document) intends that due to legitimate reapropriation of my personal sovereignty and legitimate regeneration of my undisputable right of ownership over illegitimately confiscated proportional part of the overall SFRY social property, you are responsible for any and all possible consequences that may arise if on the 46th day from today you don't communicate the new factual state - as indicated in the lines below - to the entire state apparatus and all other Croatian citizens, partners of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, creditors, trustees, representatives and all other institutions, organizations, companies and individuals around the world who can be affected in any way by this radical change in ownership relations.

Forbiddance Of Accessing My Private Property

In relation to all of my property, including proportional share of the overall social property of the former SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA whose legitimate owner I have been since the beginning of the 1990s - I Aljoša from the Đurić family communicate to all interested and other parties the revocation of implied right of access.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, between us there is no verbal agreement of any kind nor are we tied to each other by any valid written contract. If, despite never having been hired by me, you nevertheless assume that you have any type of my consent, permission or authorization - please know that from this moment all of these and similar authorizations are hereby withdrawn, and you are fired.

If you believe that you can impose your understandings as the right ones through the arbitration of conventional "Palaces of Justice" within the state system, I as a sovereign freeman who lives outside that fictional dimension warn you regarding the regular court proceedings that: Number 1: property at issue here is my private property under exclusive jurisdiction of the Universal Natural Law; Number 2: property at issue here is my private property never offered for rent by me.

In this manner you are correctly informed: After ninety days from today's date, each access without my pre-written authorization to the property of which I am a legitimate private owner, as well as each use and exploitation without my pre-written authorization of any of its properties - will apart from other appropriate interventions also result in charging of each individual peace-breaker in the amount of 3 Troy ounces of pure gold.

Note: If the party contacted via this Notice does not accept the offer of alternative conditional agreement precisely specified in the subsequent pages of this document, regardless of whether it will comply or not with its duty to forward the details of this document to all those it relates to – the aforementioned forbiddance of accessing my private property, which is also publicly published on the Internet, enters into effect on the 91st day from today's date.

(to be continued)
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Re: Freeman's Notice To Worldwide Governments And Institutions 6 years, 6 months ago #2789


Across the nations and the communities, for the majority of individuals it is simply inconceivable to touch the unquestionable: From where exactly derives the authority under which the government takes the right to rule over the people? Of course, that's not surprising considering that residents are paying instructive & educational catechism through which they are trained from infancy with state doctrine that this is not a Free Planet where men are born sovereign into life.

What makes a man a man if not his free will? And what else is a will if not a thoughtful response to the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical stimulus, which is to say a thoughtful choice of actions with which fulfill personal needs, longings, expectations, aspirations and desires. Without motivation there is no will - choose nothing and do nothing however still means choose something and do something. Who has ever decided of his own free will to painfully suffer from unhappiness, sadness, poverty, misery and stress? And yet, with some honorable exceptions, it can't be said that the whole of humanity is not afflicted with exactly those diseases! As a thoughtful reaction to the motivation, the will is quite vulnerable to programming by serving only favored strictly selected motivations and by influences on perceiving those motivations.

Understand (stand under) GOVERNMENT (guverno mentis - mind control): Many beings, members of the most intelligent species on the surface of the Earth do not pay even the slightest attention to the fact that for the largest number of violation of the regulations made by them in the role of the PERSONS (persona - the character played by a masked actor), they pay penalties even though they didn't hurt anyone, even though they didn't inflict any damage to anyone, and although they cannot meet face to face with the alleged victim who treat them with the court process.

Unlike beliefs, knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave. Between culture and a cult as an integral part of the previous word – there is no difference. Both represent a set of specific common prejudices and beliefs. Every practice of cult customs and rituals will quickly disappear without fanatics loyal to justification of glorification of admired subjects which, curiously, are always absent or unavailable, and never in the mood for direct communication.

At the end of July, the Japanese public debt exceeded unimaginable sum of one quadrillion yen. The whole world is trapped in chains of imposed indebtedness which is a basic prerequisite for the acquisition of citizenship status in the states - fictitious dimensions with all the characteristics of slave colonies. If a man disappears, the church, and the central bank and the government will disappear too. If the church, the central bank and the state disappear, the man will however continue to subsist. If a man loses citizenship, the man will not die but will live on. What is actually that something that makes one a citizen? His looks, height, skin color, eye color, blood color or his faithful loyalty to the constitution and the flag? If instead of learning what to think, people would be assisted inside schools to develop ways how to think better, it would not take long for them to spot nullity of the subservience to the parliament "inborn" by the contract.

By opting not to bind myself contractually to any of the newly-proclaimed states during the annulment of the SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA, I, Aljoša from the Đurić family, have individually, with an indefeasible right and in perfect harmony with the Universal Natural Law, self-determined myself as a sovereign freeman whose intention is to independently live in peace in a sustainable and self-sufficient way. But! But, but... By illegitimately depriving me of the liberty and mine respective proportional part of the total social property of SFRY society, the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA has caused severe psychophysical tilts of my living being, leaving me then literally naked and barefooted to fight for a mere survival.

You are correctly informed by this Notice: Due to loss suffered in a strictly business sense, and due to loss suffered in the overall sense also, regardless if as the priceless value no more and no less than my life was stolen from me either intentionally or through the criminally mistake - your party, Mister PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, is obliged to indemnify me fairly, along with the accrued interest, for the consequences of the inability to use the aforementioned property which I am a legitimate owner since the early 1990’s.

That was the time when men in leadership positions in the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, led by Franjo Tudjman, in the form of intensive repopulation of the peninsula with the so-called orthodox Croats, reacted readily to the emergence of the so-called Istrianism, namely the identity deviation from the dominant paradigm which in a large extent affirms ISC (Independent State of Croatia, NDH, World War II puppet state of Nazi Germany). In addition to cars of arrogant and antediluvian mainly young newcomers, the so-called Pula (largest city of Istrian peninsula) parallelly began swarming also with the symbols intended to scare local population to the bone.

U-stasha: Kill The Serbs

Tourism city with mixed ethnic composition of the population, formerly better known as "Pula Rock City", famous for its hospitality and open anti-war mentality. Photo taken 100 meters behind my home, which by the way is 100 meters from the old room where beautiful songs of "Atomic Shelter" were loudly perfected for years and years, to become at the end something that along with the music of Johnny Štulić and his "Azra" probably represents the most powerful messages ever emitted from EX-YU geographical area-

Unforgettable memories in my life includes sadism of uniformed men, besotted with alcohol and patriotism, who used to settle their bills at coffee bars by pulling out guns and hand grenades. Particularly indelible remembrance is a scene of a girl crying at the bus station because a group of armed Croatian soldiers who suddenly appeared there, after the barbaric demonstration of "heroism" in front of all present people, treated her boyfriend with violent stomping just because he couldn't convince them of his Croatian nationality by showing identity documents. I cannot prove it, but the operation of changing the ethnic composition of the population on this geographic area known as Istria was, certainly, partially financed with illegitimately seized from me proportional part of the overall SFRY social property.

Since this Notice is based upon undisputedly proven facts where every controversy is superfluous, I continue in the following order with the list of undeniable facts. A fact that by the will of the leaders of the so-called REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, my life as a priceless value was stolen from me either intentionally or through the criminally mistake, for which as already mentioned Mister PRESIDENT OF CROATIAN GOVERNMENT your party (properly informed via this Notice) must indemnify me fairly along with accrued interest - is irrefutably proved by Certificates (partially inaccurate because the correct period is between 24 December 1991 and 04 March 1992 instead of 31 January 1992) issued by the CROATIAN WAR NAVY and signed by Commander Ante Budimir, which I have barely managed to obtain only after quite a long time.

Military exercise 24.12.1991 - 31.12.1991 / 01.01.1992 - 31.01.1992

You see, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, the Decision of the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA on a one-year temporary incapacity of a person ĐURIĆ ALJOŠA for MILITARY SERVICE (fratricidal massacre), taken on 04 March 1992 on the basis of the findings of the specialist, in which "CROATIAN WAR NAVY" is clearly recognizable next to the signature of a doctor - represents a cat's cough in comparison with armored validity of the claim that the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, since I was not a citizen of that state, in no case and under no circumstances could dress me into its military uniform against my will.

By depriving me of my liberty illegitimately locking me in military facilities on the so-called Muzil (located in the western part of the town of Pula) and forcing me under armed threat to involuntarily serve the goals and interests of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, by the use of mental torture, by the instigation to suicide, and by other various modes of trampling fundamental human rights and types of provocative and offensive destruction of man's dignity – the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA has, Mister PRESIDENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, caused a total disorderliness of my living being of which I occasionally still have flashbacks. During those months, a couple of times I managed to escape from harassment and torture that took place in the army barracks, but each time I was picked up by the Military Police and forced under armed threat to return into military facilities, with a warning that the penalty for "desertion" is death.

Surrounded by a considerable number of Ustasha, both ununiformed and dressed in military uniform of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, in the midst of the inflamed atmosphere of racial discrimination, being guilty just because I am "Đurić" (allegedly a Serbian surname), intimidated among other things also by Gestapo-style inquiry conducted by state security service investigating me and my family by questioning people from my neighborhood and community, humiliated, denigrated, deceived by threats from various sides that without Croatian Citizenship Certificate I will not be allowed to live any more on the geographical area of ​​the so-called Pula, thus under immense pressure, as a man in whom the Croatian State Apparatus by compromising his health and obstructing his freedom of action insisted to extinguish the desire for unconditional life, killing his sane mind and suffocating in him creativity along with destroying in him the sense for truth and justice – I had no choice but to save my head in one and only possible way, which is to involuntarily and under duress apply for Croatian citizenship.

As months and months are passing by, so the answer to the "voluntary" Request for Croatian citizenship is not arriving. The dramatic life experiences in a rabies situation in which, inter alia, as a non-Croatian-citizen I am forcibly serving in the Army of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA to the objectives and interests of that state, induce my desperate life companion as already Croatian citizen to enter into official paper marriage for the purpose of helping the sheer survival of "unfit Đurić” through re-christening him involuntary into the citizen of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA. As months and months are passing again, from Peroj to Tinjan (villages) all civil status offices refuse to register our marriage. Shortly after we "somehow" managed in December 1992 to complete this bureaucratic ceremony in Pula with my unwilling signature that I am a citizen of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia miraculously approves my demand for its citizenship.

The "life” imposed on me as a freshly new citizen of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA passes in further usurpation of my humanity by the Croatian authorities who continued to mercilessly drive me crazy by induction of fear and anxiety, which I prove by parents’ note written on one of a few military mobilization notices returned to the sender, in which I was called to a take part in "Balkan slaughterhouse”.

During the eighties, as one of the best high school students in my class, I received a two-year Uljanik (shipbuilding company and shipyard located in Pula, one of the biggest in former Yugoslavia) scholarship and was guaranteed permanent job after completing compulsory military service in the former Yugoslav People’s Army, which I forcedly and involuntarily did as a limitedly capable man. Upon returning from the Yugoslav Army, Uljanik shipyard refuses to employ me because the medical examination found that my health is irreparably deteriorated. I was therefore proclaimed physically unfit for labor, and was provided with official certificate proving such health condition.

Targeted by incessant insistence of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA to involve me against my will in killing and destruction which in my comprehension like all other wars represents nothing other than completely the same slavery to the global elite who dominates over legal society all along via monetary seigniorage - on 23 June 1994 I consigned to the RECRUITING COMMISSION of the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA both the above-mentioned Certificate of physical disability and Certificate that I just got released from a mental hospital where I was lying almost a month in the period between 17.05 and 09.06 severely wounded by the systematic psychological torture.

In summary, "accidentally" forgetting a critical fact that I wasn't a Croatian citizen at the time, the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA totally disrupted my life and jeopardized my mental health by absorbing me into its military formations abusively forcing me at the end of 1991 to wear its war uniform. Determined not to give up on violating me with a military uniform, the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA in 1994 ignored terrifying buzzing in my head and reprised the proven recipe yet again by "accidentally" losing crucial data - the original medical Certificate of physical inability to work. Incredible but true, the Certificate of my physical disability consigned to the RECRUITING COMMISSION on 23 June had been completely omitted from its Decision dated 28 July by with which I was declared capable of sacrificing myself for private interests of Franjo Tuđman and his gang by fighting the war as a soldier of the Croatian Army.

Because of both everything indicated and things not mentioned in this shortened, but more than adequate, version of my curriculum vitae - immediately after a positive decision on Đurić's military ability, i.e. in front of my urgent coercive involvement in the massacre at the EX-YU region, my life partner and I, mortally threatened by devastating inimical climate abhorrent toward my alleged "Serbian" DNA and her alleged "pro-Serb" orientation, without a penny in pocket even more urgently abandoned our life-long habitat and hitchhiked across the so-called Europe and somehow manage not to starve. After all troubles and inconveniences suffered due to the forced abandonment of Pula, including full gynecological examination behind the prison bars when we were arrested by the Danish police because we asked for political asylum, with the "grace" of the so-called ITALIAN GOVERNMENT which bestowed in the mid-nineties on us for humanitarian reasons, we therefore ended up on that geographic area where, due to the above explained necessity, crippled of my rights and property by the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, I have been "living" almost two decades in some sort of nostalgia for the smell and taste of the sea along which I grew up.

What's mine, I don't give away, what belongs to another I don't desire. Rich in knowledge accumulated over the years of research, I know best who I am - in accordance with the Universal Natural Law, today I am still the same one I felt I was during my adolescence.

With this Notice, Mister PRIME MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, your party is correctly informed: In case of your refusal of alternative conditional agreement offer precisely specified in the subsequent pages of this document, you are obliged to pay me, within a reasonable time limit of 90 days from today's date, the indemnity of 2.000.000 Troy ounces of pure gold for my stolen life - here undeniably proven, In addition to other appropriate interventions, eventual non-compliance with the aforementioned time limit will also result in charging your party with the amount of 150 Troy ounces of pure gold for every day of delay.

(to be continued)
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